Thursday, 7 July 2011


tgk title dh taw kn..
cnfrm psl idup..
stuju x kdg2 idup ni pelik?
cnth nya..
half from me want to erase some1 from my past
the other half want that person be my future..
pelik x??

lg 1 cnth..
its already happen in front of my eyes that he cheat on me
but i still can love him with all my heart..
weird rite??

x taw ar nk ckp camne...
but i believe in 1 thing
how bad that person,
how much he make u suffer,
when its comes to love,
which u love with all ur heart,
u still can accept that guy, 
u still can love that guy,
u still can wait for that guy,
so i phm sgt spe yg dlm keadaan mcm ni..
sbb i pon sme..

think again...
is that guy deserve to get love from us?
is that guy deserve some1 better like us?
am i worth it waiting for u but at the same time u happy with some1 else?
i dun think so..

God create a prob with a solution..
God have own reason to make we suffer..
but believes me..
its just for a while..
keep smile n smile like there is no prob in ur life..
think positive..
evrythg is gonna be ok..
be strong ladies!!


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