Friday, 8 July 2011


its ok that you left me with a broken heart.. 
its ok that sometimes i cry myself to sleep..
its ok if i suffered alone with all burden that suppose to be your responsibility..
its ok that i cant trust other people bcoz of  what you did to me..
its ok that your'e doin fine and im not..
its ok that i did everything you wanted 
its ok that i gave u everything you needed
asked for nothing in return except  your love..
dont worry..
its ok that i never got it..
its ok that you give love a bad name to me..
its ok that i want to give up on love..
its ok cause there is one thing that you didnt think of
when you were doing all of the above...
there's a thing that exists called "KARMA"..
go get a dictionary and understand ,
"what goes around comes around"


1 comment:

  1. "what goes around comes around".....saya suka ayat ini...hehehe....:)