Monday, 4 July 2011


I MISS him of course, what im doesnt when he gone.
I MISS his smile 
I MISS his annoying laughs 
I MISS the joy he brings to me 
I MISS his hugs 
his kisses 
his gentle words 
his loud voice 
his jokes 
his face 
our hangouts I pretty much miss everything there is to MISS about him. 
"So is man without a woman and woman without a man"..
I dedicate this post to my wonderful ex bf.
Im grateful to have him who teaches me life is wonderful even for a while. 
He definitely completes me in every way and makes up for all the things I lack which is ALOT i think.
thats why I LOVE him more! and I LOVE him for everything he is and everything he can become!

.  .  .  .  .  .  .

I LOVE you for so many reasons
big and small
and all of them are wonderful
even you are not LOVE me anymore...

I LOVE you for all the special qualities
that make you one of a kind
the only one in the world for me 
even you are now with someone else...

I LOVE you for the things you do
that bring such special meaning to my life
I LOVE you for the silent times
when your eyes and arms tell me all I want to know
even there is somelese in your eyes, your arms and your heart rite now...

I LOVE you 
just because I do...

because now
in the deepest of my heart
a place where there was nothing before 
there is LOVE now
a LOVE for you..
always for you....

sorry because
I cant completely let you go
let go of us
all I can say is I LOVE you
I know you dont want to hear it
but it makes no sense to pretend I dont
I MISS you with all of me
things get easier
but will never with you
I'll cry less but the pain will still be there
the LOVE we shared and gave to each other
will always remain in my heart forever...

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