Thursday, 26 May 2011


If you don't know me...THEN DON'T JUDGE ME!
Nobody said you had to "LOVE ME"!

tryin' to jock my shit? --- nahh, didn't think so.
'Cuz no matter what you copy, you're still just a silly hoe.

If you got somthing to say to me...SAY IT STRAIGHT!
*Cuz being all shady is one thing I hate*

To all you haters - Do what you do.
I sure as hell ain't gonna waste my time on YOU!

Go ahead and talk your shit, But here's a word of advice.
Click your heels together & sayy "I need a life".

Before you open your mouth...
Make Sure - You have a mind to back up all the things you say.

don't have to talk all that shit a nigga could look at me & see I am a the baddest bitch.

If people say something about you...
Judge you as if they know you...DON'T GET AFFECTED!
JUST THINK: [[ dogs don't bark if they know the person ]]!

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