Sunday, 1 May 2011


fuuuuhhh... finally siap gak usaha i tuk mwujudkn blog sndr nih.. thnx ann nadia.. love u dear..=* but after done, i dunno what to post.. HAHAHAHA... hurm.. this 2 weeks i really feels down.. i just broke up with my ex.. then my kitty sick.. n i have final exam.. damn.. im not strong enough to through all this thing.. but thnx god i have lovely mother who always be rite beside me.. love u cik.. i called my mom 'cik'.. is that weird? HUHUHU.. hurm, feel like im done for this first post.. MUAHAHAHA.. coming nxt? just wait n see... the story of WHITE DOVE is begin here... =)


  1. welcome babe. sikit punya hal lah. nanti i add untuk you widget playlist pulak eyh. love you too. ^_^

  2. thnx ann.. u bnyk tlg i... =)